First Impressions

I´m really into hot babes looking good in the nude so chances are good I´m going to enjoy I Heart Babe. The site is stocked with exceptionally good looking women with really hot bodies so that makes it a good time for all. I wish they had a preview video or two on the tour but it´s just pictures and screenshots. The preview pictures look hot and I´m confident the girls are going to entertain. I know there´s full nudity and dildo play. It looks like the site is trying to mix what the erotic porn destinations do with something a little harder. I can´t wait to see if it works out.

Hot Promises

I Heart Babes promises you the hottest, most exclusive babes and girls next door getting wild and naked for your pleasure. They detail the content counts on the main page so you can easily know how much you´re getting for your dollars. As of this writing the site is still relatively new so they haven´t yet built a big collection. That will change as long as they deliver on their promise to give you continual updates. They promise that the photos are captured in natural environments and are not retouched so you can expect pure looks.


In the member´s area they list the 25 most recent updates to get things started. There´s a nice picture of the girl along with the title of her set. You can sort the updates by rating and name if you prefer. If you want to dig into the full collection they have a list of models along with the photo and video pages. The site´s design is very similar to the tour with the same colors and graphics used for continuity. It looks great and is easy to use.

The stats on the tour are accurate. They have 29 models, 93 picture galleries and 40 videos as of this writing and it´s unclear how often they update since there are no dates on anything. I´d say it´s 1-2 times a week but there´s no way of knowing for sure. I am certain that they´re updating weekly though. The site has grown quite a bit in the few shorts months it´s been online.

The pictures display at 1200px and they list 28 thumbnails per page in the galleries. They have a little banner advertisement on every gallery page that I found annoying but otherwise the site is clean of ads. The videos are high definition at 1280x720 and 6000kbps. It´s the bit rate that is most impressive and you can count on the videos looking crystal clear. That´s especially important on a site like this where the solo models are wowing us with their beauty. You need crystal clear movies to appreciate that beauty. They have a streaming version of each movie that looks good but is lower resolution that would be ideal. They also lack any information about the videos other than a brief title and a single screenshot.

The women of I Heart Babes vary in quality. Beauty is a subjective thing but some of the gals here simply aren´t supermodel quality so if you´re looking for the most beautiful creatures in the world this is not the best site for that. They fall short of the erotic porn sites that seem to have a pipeline of supremely hot chicks modeling for them. Many of the girls here have their own solo sites where they model so it´s not exactly true that you can´t see them anywhere else. If you really want you can find many of them working elsewhere.

If you visited the tour then you know that I Heart Babes is a solo site. All the girls are posing alone and working the camera to turn you on. Some of the girls are doing the erotica thing where they pose without any clothes and simply model the beauty of their bodies. A 22 year old Russian named Laura did a photo shoot outdoors on the rocks. She´s not wearing any clothes and it´s full of erotic shots where she closes her eyes and purses her lips to let you soak up that beauty.

Aston Richards is more of a cutie and she knows it. In one of her galleries she´s in the bedroom wearing a pink top and the sexiest black lace panties I´ve ever seen. She smiles and she strips and she ends up modeling her stunningly tight body. She does a video where she spends five minutes in the shower cleaning her tight body and letting us admire it from head to toe. Those two girls represent the contrast in content at I Heart Babes and the rest of them fall somewhere in between.

You´ll find some of the ladies modeling lingerie and they always choose the hottest bodies to wear the sexy stuff. Franceska has a wicked tight frame and they put her in a sexy bra, panty and stocking set that blows the doors of the gallery. Britney has big breasts and does an artistic black and white gallery where she models a black lace chemise.

If you make your way to the videos you´ll get to experience hot masturbation on the part of many of the girls. These hot ladies like to perform for the camera and they know that you want to experience them getting off so they let their fingers do the walking. The clit rubbing makes the juices flow and they tend to get off on camera. Occasionally a girl will bring out a dildo to fuck her pussy because she just wants to be filled. Wouldn´t you love to be the one doing the filling?

I Heart Babes is smartly charging $25/month at this point. They might charge more when the site gets bigger but it´s reasonable at this point. They only offer nine small galleries as a bonus and they´re really just advertisements for other sites. The wallpaper section only has two desktop decorations.

Croco’s Opinion

I Heart Babes is a good site with a quality collection of 29 models (and growing) showing off their sexy bodies in picture galleries and high definition movies. The girls range from cute to super hot and elegant and they model sexy clothes, cute outfits, lingerie and their naked bodies. They will pose topless, pose nude and masturbate. The women are not quite as beautiful as they make it seem on the tour but you´re not going to turn them away for being ugly so I would guess all members are going to have a good time. The site is smartly priced at this point and it´s growing consistently.


Browsing the member´s area is easy and straightforward. They need more information about the videos though.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days.

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